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2020 is a write off

Do some of you agree?

Is it possible there was some kind of glitch

Someone pressed on the wrong button

Seems some people were being a little crazy

And worsened as the year advanced

What the heck was is worse

The pandemic of Orange Donnie Pants?

Is it real, is it true

Did he actually convince some of you

Boy, you must have been desperate

To latch on to such a degenerate

From Canada it is a weird reality show

Seeing your boss be laughed at worldwide

Convinced he is the Man when in reality

It's his stupidness that is in demand

But though we laugh, some of it is scary

He is screwing around, no one reacting in his party

What could he possibly be selling that they are buying

Ah some kind of pardon, looming

He is full pedal, encouraging disobedience

Repressing some, wants a white audience

Selling pro church and pro life chatter seriously

when his life is exactly the contrary

He represents the worse of all humans.

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