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New Reality

This is all new to you and me

We cannot share all the energy

At least not in the same room

But that doesn’t mean we are doomed

When there is a will there is a way

Information super highway, connected every day

I will sing for you from close or far

We can even duet making you a star

Life has changed I’ll give you that

And it has brought some old feelings back

Giving us a totally new point of view

And we adjusted where we needed to

I got to miss people I love

And realized; others well maybe, sort of

Time is precious may I remind you

Pick wisely who you get close to

And lately thinking I won’t bite more than I can chew

We should consider our dreams and wants, way overdue

Do you want to continue the way things were

Can you even with what we now, even consider

Got to think and reflect and create again

Refocus, new vision… I can’t go back to before my friend

We’ve been exposed to loss, lies and truth

Now aware what some people are going through

You can’t unsee what you have seen

Too much death and actions we didn’t expect such a scene

You can’t turn a blind eye now that you know

On which side of history will your heart go

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