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For a while I played the worker once again

Not being able to integrate completely

Left with a little, "will she stay, maybe!"

She came back to our surprise

Her absence normalized

Not expecting a return

Actually when will I ever learn

You wanna stay, you wanna go

You want me to push a little to let you know

What is in store tomorrow?

You know the drill, you've done it yourself

Time to retreat put your career here on the shelf

We like you you know that's not what its about

Your bell has rung now there is no doubt

You are so lucky, we were so nice

How wonderful of you, the training, so precise

You understand where we are at

Time for you to hang your hat

Now don't mistake my cooperation

As a desire to leave

This is who I am, my generation

I am good with this termination

My heart is at peace

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