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Stop.... and restart

My soul was praying for a pause

Waking up every morning looking for a cause

A reason to avoid facing any responsibility

Needing my energy just to breathe deeply

Broken down and totally limp

They realize I need to stop, I'm not a wimp

Screaming inside but finally someone heard me

My soul crying for some empathy

Please allow me to take a pause, it's been years preparing

Let me stay away and fill up with something, anything

Can't pinpoint what I need but I am blindly searching

That's how I felt at the beginning

Feeling the worse scenarios as my fears deepened

Reached out to many to find a path to my former self

A healed and calmer version

The answer won't be provided you need to seek your truth

Took a while to understand this, but I did have Ruth

Felt better, enough to, let's say dip my toe

See if I can make it outside of my comfortable Château No longer scared of what could possibly happen

Good, I can get back to what we call livin'

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